Custom Window Treatments Versus Off-The-Rack Options

When it comes to window treatments, do you go custom, or off-the-rack? And when you pay for custom window treatments, just what are you getting? Let the design experts at Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters in Wilmington, NC guide you through some of the types, terms, and treatments you might encounter when selecting the perfect window covering for you.

Many window coverings come ready-made, and are even available at department and big-box stores. Often called stock window treatments, these off-the-rack options are chosen by approximating the size of your window to the size listed on the package. However, not all windows – even those of the same size – are created equally, and this is often evident once the window treatments are installed. Gaps between the shade and windowsill, improper length, and shoddy workmanship are all potential hang-ups when buying off-the-rack. That low price has to come from somewhere, and with stock blinds it is often due to non-renewable materials, poor craftsmanship, and questionable labor practices.


Custom design solutions can meet your needs stylistically, ecologically and ethically. Made to your design specifications, custom shades, blinds, and drapes can match existing fabric swatches or colors in your decorating. These days, online options seem to make custom window treatments as easy as a few photos, some input measurements, and clicks. But are these online ‘custom’ options as ideal as they seem?

Full-service custom window treatments include a professional’s visit to your home to examine the space for installation. One-on-one service involves custom measuring, done by a seasoned pro. Amateur attempts at measuring can result in measuring from the wrong angle or space, or even riskier—using ‘guess-timation’ tactics. Additionally, photos online don’t accurately portray color, meaning a large amount of money, time, and work can be invested in ‘custom’ drapes or blinds that don’t even match when they arrive! When our custom window coverings professionals come to your home or business, they can utilize their expertise to ensure you’re aware of each and every one of your options – color, materials, and the best value for your money.


Custom window treatments also feature options that just aren’t available off the rack. Remote and mechanized options allow control of windows that may be oddly-shaped, out of reach, or unsafe for typical corded controls. In short, real custom-made window treatments are made just for you, not approximated and packed up for the masses or made in advance and altered when you place your order.


Don’t let online hype talk you into a faux ‘custom’ order. Visit the Strickland’s Window Covering showroom in Wilmington, NC to see the value of our professional touch when it comes to true custom window coverings.