4 Houses You’ll Find in St. James Plantation

Because so many people are discovering the beauty of southeastern North Carolina, we’ve seen a major population boom in the past decade. St. James Plantation was developed specifically to provide homes for our newest citizens. It’s a gated, private community just a few miles outside of downtown Southport, N.C., that offers its residents country clubs, golf courses, and ocean views.

The community offers everything from luxury condos to patio homes to elegant, million-dollar homes on grand lots. Want to learn more? We took a tour and made a list of a few popular neighborhoods and the houses you might find there. And, as a bonus, their perfect matching window treatments!

Cottage Lakes – Traditional Cottage Homes: The style of home you’ll find in Cottage Lakes is what you might assume from its name: a traditional cottage. These houses are classic American-style design, with friendly exteriors and open, airy interiors. The neighborhood features an outdoorsy fisherman-friendly lake and sits walking distance from the St. James Plantation’s sports complex.

Best window treatment: For best use of the beautiful, large windows, we suggest solar shades. Solar shades are eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and allow privacy without sacrificing natural light or the beautiful lakeside or golf course views.

Solar shade window treatment for St. James Planation cottage home

SeaSide – Patio Homes: For truly maintenance-free living, look into SeaSide! SeaSide’s patio homes make use of St. James Plantation’s best asset: the climate. Their large, luxurious patios and outdoor spaces allow you to focus on the important things, like North Carolina’s natural beauty.

Best window treatment: A patio home is all about easy living, so the ideal window treatment allows for long light and doesn’t require much cleaning. Try vertical blinds or sliding panels: super customizable, easy to clean, and perfect for a patio home’s sliding glass doors.

Sliding window panels for St. James Plantation patio home

HarborWalk – Luxury Condos: In the HarborWalk neighborhood, you’ll find spacious luxury condos that get tons of natural light. The condos offer all the comforts of home with none of the maintenance requirements. Plus, the neighborhood is close to a ton of shopping, boating, and dining options.

Best window treatment: Privacy is often a condo-owner’s first concern, but you don’t want to impede any of those great views! Traditional wood blinds are a perfect fit. They can be opened to let the light in and angled for privacy, or shut completely to darken the room for a good night’s sleep.

Wood blinds for St. James Planatation condo

Woodlands Park – Elegant Custom Homes: In Woodlands Park, the homes are spacious, elegant, and designed to fit their owners’ needs. They feature large kitchens, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces, and are perfect for entertaining or enjoying a simple night on the porch. The neighborhood is serene and surrounded by ponds and trees.

Best window treatment: What better way to celebrate your lovely custom home than by adorning your windows with custom draperies to match? They can add a touch of grandeur to your house, and insulate it from heat and cold in the more extreme summer and winter months, to boot!

Have you already found your future in St. James Plantation? Come visit us at Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters to put the finishing touches on your home today!