Bamboo blinds, also known as matchstick blinds, often bring to mind Asian-inspired, bohemian decor. While they’re certainly a popular choice for this aesthetic, bamboo blinds are far more versatile than their name may imply. Whether you prefer traditional decor or a more modern look, they have a way with matching any style. Here are a few ways you can use the chameleon of window treatment design in your home.

Traditional Dining Room: Bamboo blinds blend perfectly in a classic dining space with dark wood furniture, an intricate area rug, and neutral walls. When drawn down, they provide privacy without blocking natural light. For a more luxurious, layered window treatment design, consider pairing them with neutral draperies.

Coastal Chic Living Room: When you’re at the beach, nothing beats crisp white and blue nautical decor. Keep it simple and evoke your natural surroundings with bamboo blinds in varying light wood tones. Paired with a matching straw-colored rug, these blinds provide a touch of texture to a room bathed in light. Conversely, dark-wood blinds can provide a woodsy contrast and much-needed shade on hot summer days.

bamboo blinds

Eclectic Sunroom: If every piece is a statement piece (multi-patterned pillows, unique side tables, and plants galore), understated neutral bamboo blinds make for a great finishing touch. In a space like this, they provide windows with sunblock, yet pull up to reveal a sweeping view — perfect for your coastal getaway on Wrightsville Beach or Topsail Island.

Crisp and Clean Downtown Office: In an office space with streamlined modern design, light-colored bamboo blinds provide a refreshing natural look. Roll them down for privacy, and they’ll still allow some light to flow in.

Seaside Spa Bathroom: Inside a classic white coastal bathroom, these blinds provide much-needed privacy and texture. Use varied wood tones and pair them with a teak stool to elevate your space and create the feeling of a spa-like getaway.

bamboo blinds

The Chameleon of Window Treatment Design
While bamboo blinds remain a beautiful choice for Asian-inspired design, their neutral, natural style allows them to match multiple aesthetics. To see, feel, and touch our selection of bamboo blinds, visit our showroom. Our designers will help you get started on your next window treatment project.