NewStyle Hybrid Shutters with TruView Rear Tilt by Hunter Douglas are a great solution for beating the heat!

Feeling the heat? Here in Wilmington, NC, we know all about warm weather! With summer temperatures rising, you may be looking for the perfect window treatment solution to keep your home cool, no matter where you live. Since we’ve been in business for decades, Strickland’s dedicated staff can help you chose the best cooling window treatments. There are multiple options available to you, including the following combinations and window treatments:


Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have classic charm and grace. Installed in the interior of your home, these shutters help block sun in style. Shutters can be adjusted to let in varying levels of light, making them versatile and functional. Moreover, plantation shutters are durable, kid-friendly, and add resale value to your home. They are a very popular option in today’s modern homes.



Crave color and decorative flair? Choose drapes to match the interior of your rooms. From dramatic damask to breezy cotton, these window treatments can match the mood of your room, depending on your fabric choice, drapery style, and length. Drapes can be adjusted to let in more or less sun or combined with other interior blinds or exterior shade options, like awnings, blinds, or shutters. Drapes can also be lined to help block sun more effectively.


Window Shades

Cellular and solar shades are another excellent option for beating the heat! Solar shades block UV rays, keeping your home cooler and minimizing glare on television and computer screens, a definite plus if you have a sunny home office. Lightweight cellular shades are energy efficient, helping cut down on your home’s energy costs. Some brands of cellular shades allow you to choose between light filtering styles and room darkening ones, depending on how much light you want in your rooms.


Hunter Douglas has Vignette Traditional Modern Roman Shades with UltraGlide; another great solution for sun and heat control!

Window Blinds

By far the most popular window treatment, blinds are an affordable and adjustable option for your windows. They can be used in combination with awnings, drapes, and other window treatments for maximum light-blocking versatility. For families with small children, cord keepers are a useful safety option. Whatever you chose, we can help you select the best window treatments for your home.


At Strickland’s, we have decades of experience, a commitment to excellent customer service, and the largest window treatment showroom in the area. Come see us today!