IStricklands 2 Story Nantucket_powerrisetwoone_other_1f you’ve spent any time driving through Wrightsville Beach on a hot summer day, or gazing at the rows of colorful beach bungalows in Carolina Beach, you may have noticed a trend. Many of these beach homes have two-story windows—that is, windows that extend from the first floor straight up through to the second. While this design feature has been popular in the South and along the coast for some time, in recent years the trend has begun to move inland.


Stricklands 2 Stoyr vigtraditional_powerrisetwoone_denHere at Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters, we couldn’t be happier about this new development. We love windows, and in many ways, bigger is indeed better. Two-story windows are usually found in a main room at the center of a home, often called the “great room,” and they provide a dramatic centerpiece, a way to bring rays of light into an otherwise dark space, and a view that can’t be beat. While many people love two-story windows for these reasons, finding the right window treatment for them can be a challenge. Unless, of course, you’re a window coverings expert!


To show you what we mean, here are three of our favorite treatments for making the most of your two-story windows.


1. Half Way There:  Dressing the lower half of your windows is a great solution for two-story windows in large, central rooms. This allows you to close and open the bottom half of the window at times when privacy is key, without compromising the view or the light coming through the upper windows.  The ability to draw your lower curtains closed also helps to give your “great room” a cozier and more intimate ambiance.


Stricklands 2 Story Nantucket_ultraglide_livingroom_32. Mechanical Shades:  Two-story windows are tall, and the upper parts are nearly always out of reach, which can make opening and closing them a pain. Solve this problem by installing a set of mechanical shades. You’ll be able to control your shades with the push of a button, without having to worry about long, dangling cords or wobbly footstools. An added bonus: guests will be impressed by your futuristic window treatments! (Especially if you opt for technology from Hunter Douglas, allowing you to control your window coverings from an app on your Apple mobile device!)


3. A Tale of Two Tones:  A set of extra long drapes in two tones rather than one is another great solution for these tricky windows. To create visual interest and add dimension, borrow a page from the painters’ book,  and order your drapes in two tones. You can stick with neutral hues or go for a bright and bold contrast, depending on your style. And, by ordering your drapes custom-made from Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters, you can ensure that they are exactly the right length, stretching from the top of your windows to the floor, without coming up short or pooling on the carpet (unless that’s what you desire!).


If you want more proof that finding the right treatment for two-story windows can be twice as fun, visit Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters today. With our expert help, your décor will soar to new heights!