If you’re searching for inspiring window treatment ideas but don’t know where to look, Instagram and hashtags can help. Chances are, you’ve heard of a hashtag (#) by now. On great days, we’re #blessed and on #tbt (Throwback Thursday), family and friends share adorable blast-from-the-past photos. But if you’re unsure of exactly how hashtags work in terms of window treatment inspiration, don’t worry! We can explain.

Hashtags “tag” photos and posts so they pop up whenever you search for a certain phrase, no spaces necessary. On Instagram, if you search “windowtreatments,” there are upwards of 100,000 posts tagged with #windowtreatments! There are over 20,000 posts of #draperies and over 250,000 posts of #shutters. Naturally, the more specific you get, the more specific your results – there are about 30,000 posts of #plantationshutters and 20,000 posts of #romanshades.

Here are a few of our favorite new window treatment ideas we found on our Instagram hashtag search:

When it comes to #customdraperies, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start – Do you want valances, layered draperies, patterned fabrics, or plain? What about curtain rod design and placement? Do you want your draperies clean and straight, pleated, or luxurious, billowing, and puddled on the floor? We’re inspired by these custom draperies, which feature a neutral shade but dial up the drama with gorgeous pleats and puddles. We love these gray draperies for their touch of stylish patterned edging, complemented by simple roman shades. And you can’t go wrong with softly layered transparent blush pink draperies to match the azalea blooms outside.

window treatment ideas from Strickland's Blinds, Shades & Shutters

There are oh-so-many ways to do #romanshades, as an Instagram search is sure to show you. We uncovered these soft and simple neutrals paired with crisp white draperies on contrasting black curtain rods. Textured bamboo shades add a touch of interest (and privacy!) to an all-white farmhouse-style bathroom. For a more masculine, contemporary look, consider these geometric-patterned roman shades.

window treatment ideas from Strickland's Blinds, Shades & Shutters

We’ve waxed poetic about #plantationshutters plenty of times before – they’re just such a staple of traditional North Carolina home design! These cafe shutters let the light flood in from the top half of the window, while still granting privacy in the family room. These white plantation shutters seamlessly match this home’s design – so well they can be framed with additional striped draperies. Dark wood plantation shutters, on the other hand, make a strong statement in this home library.

window treatment ideas from Strickland's Blinds, Shades & Shutters

A few searches later, and we’re only just getting started with new window treatment ideas! One of many ways to get inspired about #customblinds, #shades, and #shutters is to use the hashtag to your advantage. Another is to come by our showroom at Strickland’s Blinds, Shades, & Shutters. Our professional designers are full of window treatment ideas for windows large and small. Contact us to get started today.