Neutral tan fabric swatchesIn the market for new window coverings?  You could be overwhelmed by the myriad of styles options available.


To help you make the right choice when selecting window treatment fabrics, consider the following questions for each room in your home:


How much privacy and natural light does the room require? Bathrooms and bedrooms, of course, need more privacy than a living room or kitchen. But also take into account the proximity of neighbors and regular outdoor traffic to your common rooms, particular if they front a busy sidewalk, public beach access, or a golf course.


What is the color scheme/theme of the room? When selecting colors and fabrics for your window treatments, be sure they complement the room’s existing style. For example, heavy, black, floor-length curtains probably wouldn’t enhance a light and airy cottage theme.


Strickland's Cream CurtainsHow functional do you need the treatments to be? This is a particularly useful question when determining the type of treatment for hard-to-reach windows. For example, will you need to raise and lower the Roman Shade in the bathroom? If so, consider a fabric that stands up well to moisture and humidity.  For easy of use, you may want the fabric mounted on a remote-controlled shade that will enable you to raise and lower it at the push a button. Also, how often will you want to have your fabric drapes cleaned? This will affect the type of materials you select, as some are more durable than others.


Often, your decision is based on a combination of the above elements. Here are a few simple rules of thumb to help you as you consider your fabrics:


  • Sheer fabrics allow more light into the room than thick fabrics
  • Blackout lining can be sewn on most fabrics to achieve complete darkness in a room
  • Natural fibers are much more durable than synthetics
  • Order a swatch of material for each room and hang it beside the window to determine its appearance at different times of the day


Finally, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters offers custom drapery design, free on-site consultations, and a 5,000+ square-foot showroom in Wilmington, NC, replete with hundreds of swatches and samples.