If you’ve got a commercial space or business building with a lot of windows to cover, roller shades might be for you. A popular window treatment that offers variety and function, they’re a great choice for spaces like fitness centers, gyms, high schools, colleges, restaurants, and bars. Roller shades can control the amount of light coming through the window without affecting the view, they can retract all the way up from the window because they open and close on a roll, and they can be made fully automated, opening and closing with a timer, a computer, or even a smart phone.


Strickland’s is proud to carry Hunter Douglas Roller Shades, a quality choice for window treatments and blinds. Below are some real life examples of Hunter Douglas Roller Shades at work, to help you visualize whether they’re the right fit for your commercial space.




The YMCA is one of the most cost-efficient nonprofits in the United States, improving youth and health initiatives and encouraging a nationwide service ethic. So when the YMCA San Diego corporate headquarters was looking to save energy and money to expand these programs, Hunter Douglas came to the rescue with internal roller shades.


Hunter Douglas Roller Shades manage heat and light at the window, generating energy savings. The shades also allow views to the outside while filtering glare, reducing the YMCA’s dependency on artificial lighting, and lowering energy consumption of the HVAC system. It’s the kind of window treatment that gets our hearts pumping!


RS_AureoleAureole Restaurant, NYC


Chef Charlie Palmer’s flagship restaurant, Aureole, opened its doors in 1988 on the Upper East Side of New York City with a commitment to farm fresh food and “Progressive American” cuisine. Its immense success led to 12 subsequent restaurants by the world-renowned Chef and the demand for a much larger seating area. The new $10-million Aureole restaurant is designed to maximize natural light, but it was important for it to also be properly shaded. Designers chose a double layer window treatment, specifying room-darkening roller shades and translucent custom roman shades by Hunter Douglas.


Both sets of shades filter glare and control solar heat gain in the restaurant, demonstrating Aureole’s commitment to sustainability, and can be raised or lowered to provide optimal shading at each time of day. We’ll toast to that!


RS_HighschoolCathedral Catholic High School, San Diego


Cathedral Catholic High School is one of the top schools in both academics and community service outreach in the state of California, and is home to 1,800 gifted students from the area.


To shade the high school from California’s bright sun, architects turned to Hunter Douglas for its wide range of window coverings, and chose Hunter Douglas Roller Shades and Wood Blinds to provide optimal shading benefits to the classrooms. It was also important for the shades to allow natural light, as studies have shown that students who have access to natural light retain more of what they learn. The new roller shades allowed the school to save on energy costs, while at the same time helping their students learn. An A+ choice!


Whether you’re running a gym, a restaurant, or a high school, roller shades can fulfill all your needs. Come see our selection of Hunter Douglas roller shades today – you never know what might catch your eye!