Shed Light or Cover it Up with Skylight Covers

Stricklands Skylight BedroomFew things make a home more bright and beautiful than a skylight.  Skylights give all the pleasures of basking in the sunshine without leaving your very own living room, kitchen, or bedroom.  Stylistically, skylights look beautiful in photos and seem ideal, but research on skylights can often reveal some downsides to these beautiful home additions.


In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of skylights and skylight covers, taking some of the headache out of the research for you. We’ll even provide a few fixes for commonly listed downsides!


PRO: A well-placed skylight can completely eliminate the need for daytime lighting in a rroom with the green plantsoom. While windows obviously light a room as well, skylights can be placed in such a way to provide enough light for an office or kitchen. Skylight placement can even be maximized to provide light over a longer period of time than windows alone.

CON: Skylights can let in a great deal of sunlight which, at times, can be too much of a good thing, causing uncomfortable heat or glare.

Stricklands Skylight FoyerTHE FIX: Strickland’s skylight cover options include cellular shades, which use pockets of air to help with energy absorption and reduction. Additionally, cellular shades block UV rays that may otherwise cause carpets or upholstery to fade.


PRO: Skylights offer privacy along with lighting, where equally large windows might overly expose your home.

CON: Windows can be easily covered and exposed as needed, but skylight covers seem complicated to open and shut.

THE FIX: Strickland’s skylight covers are a snap to open or close as needed; even blinds or plantation shutters can be a viable option for skylight covers. A simple pole extension is provided with installation, and is all that’s needed to open and close skylight window coverings with ease.


Stricklands Skylight ShuttersPRO: Some skylights can be opened to allow air to flow more easily in a room, offering breezes and fresh air, or a convenient vent for kitchens or bathrooms.

CON: Even closed skylights can allow for rising heating and cooling costs to your home, as air-conditioned air or winter heat can escape through the glass.

THE FIX: Strickland’s provides a variety of options to cover your skylight when not in use, with solar shade options that reduce up to 70% of the energy transfer from your skylight. These are also a great solution for rooms where the full lighting of a skylight might be too bright or intense for all-day enjoyment.


Stricklands Skylight ShadeWith these solutions available at Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters in Wilmington NC, you won’t have to compromise on your dream room. Bask in the sun from your new skylight, or enjoy the starlight each and every evening, all from the comfort of your own home.




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