It’s the first official day of summer, and here at Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters, we’re in the spirit. Living by the beach, we love the sand, the surf, the seafood, and just about everything else about this glorious season.

As John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sang in the classic movie, Grease: Summer loving had me a blast/Summer loving happened so fast…/Summer days drifting away/To oh oh the summer nights….

Whether it’s a summer day or one of those summer nights, there are a whole bunch of reasons why you should be feelin’ the love for custom window blinds this summer.

custom blinds from Strickland's Blinds, Shades & Shutters

1. Versatility: When you think of window treatments, is versatility a word that comes to mind? It should be! Think about it: window blinds can be open, shut, tilted either direction for better light, partially open, or anywhere in between. This means that on those bright, humid summer days, you can tilt the blinds so the room still fills with natural light, but that hot southern sun doesn’t leave a glare on your laptop while you work.

Custom blinds are also made to fit your window; you can order them in different finishes, colors, and style. They can be adapted to any window and any room. What’s not to love? They’re made for you!

2. Control: Sometimes, life feels a little out of control. We know it sounds crazy, but when the weather is swinging from hot sun to rain, like it does here in Wilmington, NC, or when the kids are running in and out the door every ten minutes, leaving new messes in their wake — sometimes you just want to be able to make something in your house just the way you like it. Enter: custom blinds.

Blinds from Strickland's Blinds, Shades & Shutters

Other kinds of window treatments don’t offer you the same kind of control over your light as window blinds. Shades, drapes, and shutters all pretty much come with two options: open or closed. Custom blinds let you choose every detail—the color, the size, the finish, exactly how much light and privacy you want on a given day.

3. Variety: We don’t know if we’ve made this clear yet — but window blinds come in an astonishing variety of styles. There are aluminum blinds, wood and faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, and, our favorite of all, custom blinds. Each type of blind has its own special personality.

For instance, aluminum blinds might not seem like all that at first glance, but they’re reliable and come in a rainbow of colors and three different widths. There are also wood blinds — a classic choice that never goes out of style. And, Vertical blinds are perfect for long windows, long light, and long glances through glass.

But custom blinds? Summer fling don’t mean a thing/But, uh oh, those custom blinds….Custom blinds are a cut above the rest because they’re ordered to fit your specific needs. This can include color choices and add-ons that you can’t get in a store. Custom blinds are unique to each of us, our individual tastes and preferences.

This summer, celebrate the sunlight and custom blinds! Stop by our showroom to see our window treatments and order your set of custom blinds today.