In a world where “lots of natural light” is real estate gold, tall windows are valuable assets. Who doesn’t love a sun-drenched wood floor, a cat sleeping in a ray of sunshine, or a room with a view of a lush backyard? For this reason and so many others, tall windows make a statement and are often seen as the star of a room. Like any star, they need to be dressed accordingly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.


Tall windows, it turns out, present a few unique challenges when it comes to drapes, blinds, and shades. Because these windows take up so much space, there’s a risk that the window treatment will overwhelm the room. A wall of bold drapes, for example, can dominate your décor, while miles of white venetian blinds should be avoided at all costs. If you have no idea how to best dress your windows, don’t despair. Just follow the tips below, and your tall window coverings will truly shine.


Motorized Blinds:  For very tall windows, motorized blinds are a great choice. Because they’re controlled with the push of a button, you don’t have to worry about pulling a hard-to-reach cord. (And if you share your home with pets or small children, the benefit of cordless blinds is two-fold!) Motorized blinds also have the allure of being thoroughly modern, and the convenience of lowering or raising shades from the couch, kitchen, or bathtub can’t be beat.


Top Down Bottom Up Shades:  We’ve sung the praises of top down bottom up shades before, but when it comes to tall windows in particular, they’re an ideal choice. Pulled up from the bottom of your window, rather than down from the top, they’re a flexible way to control light and privacy, while still allowing light to stream in from the upper windows.


Drapes, In Moderation:  While the dreaded “wall of fabric” is a valid fear, it can be avoided by following a few simple tips. Instead of pulling drapes across the whole window, frame the glass with side panels instead, then add a valance across the top. Paired with pleated or vertical shades, this solution provides privacy and light control without drowning the room in waves of drapes.


Roman Shades:  For some people, the amount of fabric a tall window requires looks too loose and messy for their taste. If a tailored look is what you’re after, try dressing your tall windows in Roman shades. Sleek, fitted, and easy to adjust, they fold into themselves so they still manage to look classy and practical, even when full raised.


Twice the Blinds, Twice the Fun:  If you like the traditional look of blinds or shades but crave a bit more flexibility, multilevel shades might be just the solution you’re searching for. In case you don’t know what “multilevel shades” are, it’s a fancy way to describe two sets of shades—an upper and a lower—on one set of very tall windows. Much like top down bottom up shades, this system gives you more control over the amount of light you allow in.


Look Outside:  Sometimes the solution for tall windows is found where you least expect it—namely, outside. A strategically placed pergola, trellis, or shade sail can provide the privacy you crave, while still delivering a nice view of outdoor spaces.  This is a great choice for sun rooms and home offices, where a glimpse of the great outdoors can offer both relaxation and inspiration.


We hope these suggestions have inspired you to give your tall windows the star treatment they deserve. For more Oscar-worthy ideas, visit the Strickland’s showroom today!