Trapezoid windows are often a feature that makes buyers fall in love with a home. They’re typically found along the roofline of homes with sloped ceilings in a main room, like the living room or kitchen. Trapezoid windows come in many different sizes and angles, and can also have rectangular windows underneath them that extend all the way to the floor.

They’re a gorgeous architectural focal point that fills a home with natural light. But, they can also create (or magnify) the same kinds of issues one can encounter with any window — glare, heat from direct sunlight, or lack of privacy. Their irregular shapes make them seem daunting when it comes to window treatments, but there are several window treatment solutions that work well with trapezoid windows.

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Cellular Shades: Angular windows are typically larger than standard rectangular windows. Because of their shape, they can extend from wall-to-wall, only needing a few grilles to crisscross the glass. The pristine, expansive windows are a stunning architectural element, but they can also allow extra heat in during the summer and cold air during the winter.

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Cellular shades are an excellent way to regulate the temperature of your home. They’re built with energy-savings in mind and can reduce window heat by 80%, even with large trapezoid windows. When you draw these shades, the pleats stack together so the shade is hidden from view and maximizes the view from the window.

Plantation Shutters for Trapezoid Windows: Plantation shutters also work well with trapezoid windows. You can order them in the same wood species and color of your vaulted wood ceiling so they complement the natural elements in your home. Whether you order plantation shutters made with wood or synthetic material, they’ll block sunlight and add a versatile style to any room. They easily adapt to interior design trends and hold up well over time, making them an ideal investment for custom trapezoid windows orders.

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Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds are another popular solution for angled windows. Vertical blinds easily cover the entire length of large windows and come in a variety of styles. Browse different color options or match them to your décor by covering them in fabric so they add a layer of softness to your interior design.

Custom Window Coverings: Avoid direct sunlight and unwanted summer heat with custom-ordered window coverings that enhance your trapezoid windows. Contact the Strickland’s Blinds team today to get a free consultation and find the design solution your home needs.