Window Treatment professionals are accustomed to hearing certain requests. “I want more privacy.” “I’ve got to have plenty of natural light.” “I need to keep my heating and cooling costs down.” “I want to cut down on glare.”


And then there are those more unique requirements, things that go out of the realm of aesthetic and into the area of protection. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping a client’s furniture safe from UV rays. Other times it’s protecting A-list celebrities from the paparazzi, the environment from overflowing landfills, and sea turtles at risk of getting lost. How, you’re wondering, can a single window treatment do all that? Read on to find out!


SS_TrumpTrump International Sonesta Beach Resort

The Trump Sonesta, a 32-story high-rise in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, is as luxurious as you’d imagine a Trump resort to be. In this world-class hotel high-rise, each unit has a curvaceous, glass balcony with fabulous ocean views, neutral interiors, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Every room features luxurious furnishings, including Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades. These shades combine soft aesthetics, extraordinary light filtering, and – most important for the kind of high profile guests that stay at the resort – privacy controls that can protect them from pesky photographers.


SS_XXOffice XX Architect

When Dutch architectural firm XX Architects wanted to design a sustainable building, they searched for materials that would be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting. When the resulting structure featured a glass wall with reflective coatings, they needed shades that would manage the light and glare. It’s no surprise to us that they chose Silhouette Shades by Hunter Douglas. The soft fabric shades are aesthetically pleasing, their durability means that it will be decades before they need to be replaced.


SS_ElginEglin Air Force Base

Located in the Florida Panhandle, Eglin Air Force Base’s O’Club provides a welcome respite from the rigors of duty for thousands of pilots, commanders, and support staff. Large windows in the space overlook a waterfront patio and the bay, bringing ample sunlight into the space. During hot Florida days, the space requires attractive and functional shades to cut glare and UV, and reduce heat. To meet this need, Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades were installed. During daylight hours, the sleek fabric shades and sheer facings reduce glare without compromising the view; at night, the addition of Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades in front of the Silhouette Shades keeps light from shining over the bay, where it could confuse native sea turtles. Not only are Hunter Douglas products great for homes and businesses – they’re also a perfect choice for animals!


Whether you’re Donald Trump choosing shades for your latest resort, forward thinking architects trying to protect the environment, or a military base looking out for sea turtles, Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades are a great choice. Kind of makes you think about what you’d like to protect, doesn’t it?