Being a homeowner has many advantages, like personalizing every room in your home. Yet, you might hold back on some projects if you plan to move in the future. The prospect of moving sometimes keeps people from investing in custom window treatments. But your window coverings don’t necessarily need to stay behind when you sell. Here’s our primer on window treatments and real estate contracts:

window treatments and real estate contracts

Sell Your Home, Not Your Window Treatments

When you put your home up for sale, it’s expected that you’ll sell anything permanently affixed to your house. The specific regulations vary by each state, but you can still get the final word. Talk with your realtor as she draws up your property disclosure contract. Mention any custom window treatments you’d like to keep. If they’re designed to fit a standard window, you can easily reinstall them in your new home. As long as your contract outlines what doesn’t come with the house, you can keep your plantation shutters or any other permanent window treatments.

window treatments and real estate contracts

Custom Drapes Don’t Count

You may want to get custom drapes that match your furnishings and artwork, but you worry that they’ll complicate your contract. The good news is that any panels or drapes that hang on a rod, or aren’t otherwise bolted to your walls, are considered personal property. Drapes aren’t a permanent fixture, so you can pack them with everything else on moving day, leaving only the brackets and mounts behind.

Work with the Experts

The Strickland’s Blinds, Shades & Shutters team can work with you to find the best window treatments for your home. And, in turn, when the time comes, you can work with your realtor to negotiate a purchase agreement until it suits both parties. Whether you want to look into plantation shutters or custom drapes, contact us today so we can simplify the design process and find the best product for your long-term needs no matter where you may be living.