How The Right Window Treatments Attract BuyersIt’s that time of year, when home buyers are out in force, looking for the ideal new dwelling, which means it’s also the time of year when home sellers are looking to give their homes those two magic words: curb appeal. Starting at the view from the street, window treatments are a big part of making your home The One for a potential buyer. Strickland’s Window Blinds, Shades & Shutters has ideas on what you can do to make your home even more appealing for you and prospective buyers too.

Make the house tour a “sheer” pleasure:  Modern, stylish shades and sheers can provide a great base for those browsing your Open House. Rather than taking this time to show off your own unique and fabulous style, upgrade to high quality window treatments with clean, simple lines that show off your home’s best assets.

Nice big windows that let in lots of light? Go for sheers that show those walking in how bright your home is at its best. Is that light best when directed? Today’s shades can help with the lighting concept of a room, turning it into something out of one of your favorite shelter magazines. Want to block a less-than-perfect view to encourage potential buyers away from it? Try beautiful custom shades that draw the eye to great style instead of a poor view.

Create timeless appeal:  If you’re looking to make a real investment to entice buyers, consider plantation shutters. Shutters are custom-fashioned for your home’s windows, and are a major selling point. In fact, many realtors often include plantation shutters as a noteworthy feature, just like hardwood floors! With a classic look and high-end feel, plantation shutters will truly take your home-selling power to the next level.

Layer on the charm:  Looking for a window covering upgrade that offers choices to your potential buyers? Consider layering. Add drapes over blinds, shades or sheers, and you have the power to show interested buyers just how versatile your home can be. Fabric drapes can make your home more cozy, whereas blinds can filter light in a way that creates a chic, modern effect. When both are used to together for maximum effect, potential home buyers often respond to the rich look that offers lots of functionality no matter how they intend to use each room. It’s a simple way to add interest to your home listing.

Visit the Strickland Blinds, Shades & Shutters showroom in Wilmington, NC for a look at the kind of window treatments that you’ll find most attractive – and so will your potential buyers!