Strickland's Pollen SeasonThe riot of azaleas blooming along the streets of Wilmington, NC. The spring showers raining down each afternoon. The coat of yellow pollen covering our cars, our clothes, and even out pets.


While most of us welcome these signs of spring with open arms, especially after such a long, cold winter, the seasonal shift does have a down side – allergies.


While it’s possible to ease allergies by keeping a clean house, vacuuming regularly, and dusting daily, you can also ease the pain of allergies by changing up your curtains.  Since most allergens slip into the home through open windows and doors, it makes sense to think of your window treatments for allergies as a first line of defense. Luckily, Strickland’s offers a range of solutions. Hang any of the following window coverings for allergy sufferers, and get ready to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather without a runny nose, itchy eyes, or headache.


Lightweight, Washable Curtains


Window coverings that can be thrown in the washing machine once a week will drastically cut down on pollen and dust build up, especially when the windows are open.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are less likely to hold dust than their horizontal counter parts, and much easier to clean with a simple downward swipe. The hard, nonporous surface is also less likely to trap dust and allergens.


Go Green


We all know eco-friendly materials are good for the environment, but did you also know they’re good for your health? Organic cotton curtains are produced without using harsh chemicals and dyes, which can trigger allergic reactions.


Bamboo Shades


Not only is bamboo a stylish choice, it’s also durable, and can easily stand up to any climate – a bonus for those of us living along the coast, where humidity reigns supreme. Easy to clean and hypoallergenic, it’s a great choice for those with even the most severe allergies.


When allergies are bad, our first instinct is to lock ourselves in a room, with the windows and doors shut tight. This year instead of hiding from your allergies, try redecorating instead. You might find that a hypoallergenic window treatment is the cure you’ve been searching for.